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Schlegel Elektrokontakt

Schlegel Elektrokontakt’s line of operators was born out of a tradition of innovation and design.  No longer do industrial panel designs need to be boring, stark, and bare.  Schlegel Elektrokontakt then begs the question, why shouldn’t they also look good?  With full functionality, excellent quality, and unique designs, Schlegel Elektrokontakt brings that final element to the table – one of stunning good looks!  No longer do your panel operators need to be boring, but rather they can make a positive statement, about both you, your company, and your products.

A third-generation family-owned and operated company, Schlegel Elektrokontakt has been producing quality controls consistently since its founding in 1945.  Known for their design flexibility and professional know-how in the development of customized solutions for many individual applications.  Products include pushbuttons, switches, emergency stops, panel-mounted jacks, Fieldbus interfaces and terminal blocks.  Limit switches, foot switches, control panels and customer enclosures round out their offerings.

Attractive and functional, these pushbuttons and switches come in over 25 different product series.  These cover all the traditional industrial automation and control sizes including 16 mm, 22 mm, and 30 mm.  Protection classifications range from basic IP65 protection up to and including the IP69/IP69K ratings required for the food and beverage industries.

Schlegel Elektrokontakt Safety

A core competency of Schlegel Elektrokontakt is its robust and safe emergency stop pushbuttons, switches, and systems.  In many industrial automation designs, emergency stop switches can protect facility personnel from serious injuries and can even save lives.  With mechanical robustness, outstanding functionality, and an attractive design, Schlegel takes your safety seriously.


Take a stunning set of operators, organize them into a custom configuration for your industrial or commercial machine, and then connect them with a variety of wiring and Fieldbus options to talk to your PLC, DCS. custom processor or overall control system.  Schlegel Elektrokontakt Fieldbus interfaces include AS-Interface, EtherCAT, CANopen, Profibus DB, Profinet, Powerlink, and Ethernet IP amongst others with new opportunities opening up regularly.  Do you have a potential application or connection idea?  Just ask and see what Schlegel Elektrokontakt and Gross Automation can do for you!

Gross Automation, LLC

As a prominent distributor of the highest quality industrial automation and electrical control components, panels, and systems, Gross Automation proudly distributes the stunning lines of pushbuttons and switches from Schlegel Elektrokontakt of Dürmentingen, Germany.

In addition to offering the fullest selection of top manufacturer product lines like Schlegel Elektrokontakt, Gross Automation, LLC delivers world-class, value-added engineering services including electrical control panel design, assembly, and start-up assistance in our highly praised UL-listed panel shop.  From OEMs to systems integrators and including all types of manufacturers, Gross Automation is here for you.  We help increase productivity and grow the bottom line with the best industrial automation and electrical control technologies on the market today.

Distributed by Gross Automation

Gross Automation leads the industry in producing the most reliable and trendy solutions out there.


Schlegel has been designing, manufacturing and supplying push buttons to companies since 1945.


Schlegel has products ranging from alarm sounders, cable glands, to push buttons and switches. In parallel, Gross Automation is a proud distributor for Schlegel.

Gross Automation is the only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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